The Nippon Labs DVI 10 DD cable offers an advanced digital connection between your DVI-D-enabled devices. With support for high resolution, a high data transfer speed, and the minimum signal interference, you can enjoy sharp, crystal-clear video. The gold-plated copper connector provides superior conductivity, while the molded-strain relief construction allows for flexible movement, ultra durability, and a perfect fit. Coupled with up to a 10-foot cable, cable running will be a pleasure. Plus, it’s plug and play.

High-end Performance

This precision-engineered cable is fully compliant with DVI (Digital Visual Interface) standards, providing a high-performance connection between PCs and digital CRT displays or HDTVs. The DVD-D dual link configuration provides enough bandwidth to support resolutions of up to 1600x1200 pixels and higher, and allows high speed digital transmission.

Minimum Interference

The dual mylar foil and braid shield helps minimize signal interference, while the aluminum undermold shield effectively reduces cross talk and interference.

HDCP Support

Fully compliant with HDCP (high-definition content protection), the Nippon Labs DVI 10 DD ensures that digitally protected content is displayed properly on the connected display.

Gold-plated Connectors

The 24k gold-plated connectors on both ends provide full conductivity with no data loss.

Easy Installation

Thanks to the oversized rounded thumbscrews, you can install the cable in a snap. It also supports hot plugging of DVI display devices. Once each end is connected to a compatible device, it’s ready to use.

DVI 10 DD Premium 10 ft. with Digital Dual-link

SKU: 364115376135191
    • 2 Connector Number
    • Black
    • DVI-D Male to DVI-D Male Dual Link cable

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